Analisis Pengaruh Dimensi Kualitas Jasa terhadap Kepuasan Nasabah Bank Mandiri KCP Mojosari Kabupaten Mojokerto


  • Rachmad Sholeh



Quality of Service, Customer Satisfaction


This study aims to analyze the Influence of Service Quality Dimension on Customer Satisfaction of Bank Mandiri KCP Mojosari Mojokerto Regency. This type of research is quantitative research. The variables of this study consist of independent variables, namely the Influence of Service Quality Dimension which includes: Tangible/Direct Evidence (X1), Reliability/X2, Responsiveness (X3), Assurance/X2, Emphaty/Empati (X5) and the dependent variable of Customer Satisfaction (Y). Population in this research is segmentation of consumer group which become customer and do transaction at Bank Mandiri KCP Mojosari Mojokerto regency, hence this research only use a number of respondents selected as sample counted 100 responden. The sampling method used is accidental sampling. Sampling is done when the respondent transacts at Bank Mandiri KCP Mojosari Mojokerto regency. Data collection was done by using questionnaire that has been tested for its validity and reliability. Hypothesis testing is done by using multiple correlation analysis tools and multiple regression. For testing of the hypotheses proposed, it can be interpreted the influence between independent variables with dependent variables. From the results of multiple regression testing it can be seen that the independent variables are Tangible/Direct Evidence (X1), Reliability/Reliability (X2), Responsiveness/Responsiveness (X3), Assurance/Assurance (X4) and Emphaty/Empathy (X5) has a significant influence on Customer Satisfaction (Y) Bank Mandiri KCP Mojosari Mojokerto regency.


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