Manajemen Mutu Pembelajaran Pendidikan Agama Islam di MTs Nurul Jadid Kota Mojokerto


  • Soepodo Handoko



Quality Management, Learning, Islamic Religious Education


Management is an activity that consists of planning, implementing, evaluating to achieve the goals to be achieved by utilizing existing resources. The quality of PAI learning refers to the quality of PAI learning, refers to the systems approach, refers to the learning and learning theory, refers to the individual learning process, refers to learning outcomes, refers to the ease of learning, refers to learning variables, refers to the quality of learning methods, refers to insight into the learning technology of Islamic Religious Education. Islamic Religious Education is a conscious and planned effort in preparing students to recognize, understand, appreciate and practice the teachings of Islam. MTs Nurul Jadid Mojokerto City. It is one of the Islamic Education institutions that implements Islamic Education learning management in the learning process in order to achieve good quality. This research was conducted with the aim of: (1) Determining the quality of Islamic Religious Education learning at MTs. Nurul Jadid Kota Mojokerto, (2) Knowing the quality of the implementation of Islamic Religious Education in MTs. Nurul Jadid Kota Mojokerto, 3) Knowing the quality of the evaluation of Islamic Religious Education in MTs. Nurul Jadid Kota Mojokerto, 4) To understand the quality of supervision of Islamic Religious Education in MTs. Nurul Jadid, Mojokerto City. Researchers used a quantitative method with a qualitative descriptive approach and data collection techniques, interviews, observation and documentation. The data analysis techniques used were data reduction, data presentation and conclusion presentation. Data validity examiners used a credibility test with triangulation. The results of the study concluded that the learning management of Islamic Religious Education was carried out at MTs. Nurul Jadid Kota Mojokerto is good, its management includes learning planning which includes: Interrelation of learning variables, ease of learning, quality of research methods taken from three things. 62. Implementation of learning which includes: quality of learning, systems approach, learning and learning theory, individual learning, insight into learning technology. and learning evaluation which includes: learning outcomes, all of these aspects have led to quality PAI learning management.


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