Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam http://jurnal.stitradenwijaya.ac.id/index.php/tdb <p style="text-align: justify;">Ta'dibia, terbitan ilmiah berkala sejak 2011 terbit 2 (dua) kali dalam setahun. Jurnal Ta'dibia menerima manuskrip publik mengenai hasil penelitian, survei, dan ulasan literatur yang berkaitan dengan bidang pendidikan agama Islam yang dilihat dari perspektif: Filsafat Pendidikan, Sejarah Pendidikan, Pendidikan Psikologi, Pendidikan, Sosiologi Pendidikan, Politik Pendidikan, Agama (Tafsir, Hadis, Tsaqofah, Sufisme ([gnosis]), Pluralisme atau Studi Banding Pendidikan Islam.</p> Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Tarbiyah Raden Wijaya Mojokerto en-US Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam 2088-4540 Implementasi Ekstrakurikuler Keagamaan Dalam Pembentukan Karakter Religius Peserta Didik di SMP Islam Brawijaya Kota Mojokerto http://jurnal.stitradenwijaya.ac.id/index.php/tdb/article/view/141 <p style="text-align: justify;">Indonesian education in recent decades gets many problems such as the weak young generations‟character because the success of a country can be seen from its people‟s characters. We need some breakthroughs which one of them can be done by implementing early religious character in school either in classroom and in religious exstracurricular. Religious exstracurricular has important role in the process of students‟ religious character buildings. This research is done in Brawijaya Islamic Junior Highschool, Mojokerto to know (1) The plan of religious extracurricular program in school, (2) The implementation of religious exstracurricular in building students‟ religious characters in school, and (3) Evaluation of the implementation of religious exstracurricular towards the building of students‟ religious characters in school. &nbsp;This research uses qualitative research with case study approach. This research uses three data collection techniques; they are observation, interview and documentation. This research uses interactive data analysis by Miles and Huberman with stages of data collection, data presentation, data conclusion and data validation. &nbsp;This results show that (1) The plan of religious extracurricular programs aims to build students‟ religious characters. The religious extracurricular program includes Qur’an arts literacy, Qur’an memoryzation, praying together, shalawat al-banjari, a spiritual tour, basic training of rohis leadership and commemoration of Islamic holidays. (2) The Implementation of religious extracurricular is done with three kinds of daily, weekly and anually activities. It is done by giving spiritual lecture, good example, and habit in the school‟s activities. (3) The evaluation of religious extracurricular implementation can be seen from how far the students‟ religious knowledge and attitude according to the learning results books of them. The effects of religious exstracurricular in Brawijaya Islamic Junior High School in positive, it means that this program can help students understand Islamic values and decrease teens‟ naughtiness and bad influence for the students.</p> Eva Yulianti Copyright (c) 2019 Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam 2019-05-15 2019-05-15 8 1 1 12 10.32616/tdb.v8.1.141.1-12 Pembelajaran dengan Metode Kisah (storytelling): Ekstensi dan Intensi Metode Linguistik dalam Bahasa Al Qur’an dengan Bentuk Imperatif http://jurnal.stitradenwijaya.ac.id/index.php/tdb/article/view/142 <p style="text-align: justify;">Long before writing, the only culture was oral and oral culture. Storytelling means participating, and helping children participate, in one of the most ancient human habits. The meaning we can draw from Gabriel's hadith as a way to understand the world of 'religious meaning' and be reminded that formal learning remains significant but that, interestingly, the Qur'an does not mention these activities while imperatively declaring "telling stories story (fa-qsis al-qasas) ". This paper aims to describe: how learning with storytelling methods: extension and intention of linguistic methods in the language of the Qur'an with an imperative form. The results of the discussion can be summarized as follows: the imperative statement in the verses of the Qur'an is not strange; has been the subject of much debate. The commandment has been mentioned in various forms in the Quran which imply reproach, ridicule, obedience, exclamation and so on. This method is associated with the rhetorical aspects of the Quran while the rhetoric is related to the linguistic wonders of the Quran</p> Via Linda Siswati Copyright (c) 2019 Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam 2019-05-15 2019-05-15 8 1 13 30 10.32616/tdb.v8.1.142.13-30 Konsep Proses Belajar Kognitif dalam Pespektif Islam antara Kontradiksi dan Kontradistingsi dengan Konsep Pembelajaran Kognitif Model Barat http://jurnal.stitradenwijaya.ac.id/index.php/tdb/article/view/143 <p style="text-align: justify;">Accepting the role for cognitive transmission means recognizing that humans are not empty slate at birth. The basic assumption is that every human being is born by bringing fitrah and equipped with various potentials and abilities that are different from other humans. With that provision, he then learns: first through things that can be sensed by using his five senses as a window of knowledge; then gradually from things that can be sensed to the abstract, and from what can be seen to be understood. This study aims to describe the concept of cognitive learning processes in Islamic perspectives between contradictions and contradictions with the western cognitive learning concept. From the results of the discussion it was concluded that: cognitive learning and teaching are more responsive to the power of their instincts because they are purely related to the ability to develop rational abilities (reason). Many found contradictions and defects in their theories, so that revisions and emerging new theories of cognitive succession. While in Islam there is only one verse "And Allah takes you out of your mother's stomach in a state of not knowing anything, and He gives you hearing, sight and heart, so that you are grateful" (An Nahl: 78) is able to break the concept of response to the instinctive power in terms this is called scular and in Islam there has never been a secular tradition that separates religion from life</p> Sudar Kajin Copyright (c) 2019 Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam 2019-05-15 2019-05-15 8 1 21 26 10.32616/tdb.v8.1.143.21-26 Menantang Kekuatan Partisipasi Siswa Meraih ''Petualangan Pengetahuan" dengan Pembelajaran Bercerita Menggunakan Kiasan dalam Al Qur’an http://jurnal.stitradenwijaya.ac.id/index.php/tdb/article/view/144 <p style="text-align: justify;">Learning is an active process, students must participate or participate in the process of responses (responses) to the teacher's stimulus, so that students achieve optimal results. Student participation in learning is an absolute requirement to achieve the desired results. Building a structure for students to collect, analyze, and share data about the habit of reaching a "knowledge adventure" (for example, participation in class, persistence with revision) is an important part of creating a healthy learning culture and skills that will empower them to better understand patterns their personal behavior and learning Al-Qur'an The Qur'an is the main source in realizing the goal of Islamic education.This article aims to describe how Challenging the power of participation of students in achieving the "adventure of knowledge" with Learning to tell stories using figures of speech in the Qur'an. The results of the discussion can be summarized as follows: When idioms are used, figurative or symbolic language is used, it is not taken literally by evaluating what words ... that we cannot learn valuable insights about God, its values, its thinking, some principles behind historical narratives. Learning activities must be a "knowledge adventure" where students are challenged to participate in accordance with their own strengths, challenges and learning situations designed to make it to analyze and examine them, to find solutions that make sense of meeting. The teacher's role consists of more stimulating and guidance for students Motivation arises from the participation of enthusiastic teachers.Students who are involved in both teaching, learning and assessment, and discipline become self-discipline, ensured by cooperation satisfaction</p> Muhammad Andi Isya' Copyright (c) 2019 Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam 2019-05-15 2019-05-15 8 1 27 34 10.32616/tdb.v8.1.144.27-34 Mendukung Kepemimpinan Pendidikan yang Bijaksana: Kepemimpinan Imperatif dan Langkah-Langkah Memajukan Program Pembelajaran dalam Rangka Mempersiapkan Pendidikan Abad ke 21 sebagai Abad Pengetahuan dalam Perspektif Al Qur’an dalam Term Ijtihad http://jurnal.stitradenwijaya.ac.id/index.php/tdb/article/view/145 <p style="text-align: justify;">Wise leadership (education) will direct its ranks to wise teaching as well, grow from honing the main vision of teaching, gathering and reflecting various relevant information about the development of the current situation and embodying clarity of vision, and building further steps from the development of the current situation , and hierarchically compiled a team to study and implement all developments by holding on to the main normative keys of the Qur'an and Hadith. The purpose of this study is to describe efforts to support wise educational leadership: imperative leadership and steps to advance learning programs in order to prepare for 21st century education as a century of knowledge in the perspective of the Qur'an. From the discussion it was concluded that: to advance education and learning programs in schools, the school ranks, especially the principal, as the motorbike do the following things: 1) guided by the main key to change, namely the Qur'an and Hadith; 2) linking school elements and stakeholders in adjusting various aspects of the system and educator practices that contribute to learning achievement; 3) explore data updates on externally locally, regionally and nationally in order to identify current problems and plan internal improvements; 4) planning the development of educational programs to improve student achievement (short and long term); 5) consider the benefits of building support for change in improving educational programs from teachers, administrators, students, parents, education boards, and the wider community</p> Achmad Padi Copyright (c) 2019 Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam 2019-05-15 2019-05-15 8 1 35 42 10.32616/tdb.v8.1.145.35-42 Konsepsi Madrasah dan Perkembangannya dalam Inovasi Pengetahuan serta Pasang Surutnya http://jurnal.stitradenwijaya.ac.id/index.php/tdb/article/view/147 <p style="text-align: justify;">In the early days of the development of Islam, of course, systematic formal education had not been established. The ongoing education can be said to be informal; and this is also more related to the efforts of Islamic da'wah to spread and plant the basics of Islamic belief and worship. In this connection it is understandable why the process of Islamic education first occurred at the home of a certain friend of the Prophet SAW; the most famous is Dar al-Arqam. However, when the Islamic community was formed, education was held in the mosque. The educational process in both places is carried out in the learning circle. Every time Islam is introduced to any place, it is always introduced along with religious education while at the same time Arabic is always the medium of its teaching. That is why the desire to study Islam and its lingua-franca (Arabic) is always very high among Muslims. This also explains the nature of Arabic and Islamic studies which are inseparable as twin courses which are always in line with each other. The results of empirical investigations understand the character of Muslim subjectivity finding the most useful Qur'anic reading, because they discover how the vision of dynamic education and transformative pedagogy defines the content, composition and communication style of Islamic Divine discourse. This brought various scientific innovations and produced Islamic inventors from madrasas, but after the sixteenth century, the madrasa curriculum became trapped in traditional Islamic sciences, there was a close connection to this fact and the decline of the Ottoman Empire, on occasions that different. the effect of the Mongol invasion of the Muslim world that weakened the spirit of Muslims. the Muslim world collapsed and stagnated. Apart from the two things above, Often, innovative new approaches are dismissed as attempts to damage or damage Muslim discursive traditions or worse, are considered conspiracies hatched by Orientalists and carried out by Muslim clerics who are deceitful and fickle</p> Happy Ikmal Copyright (c) 2019 Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam 2019-05-15 2019-05-15 8 1 43 50 10.32616/tdb.v8.1.147.43-50 Implementasi Total Quality Management (TQM) di SMP Negeri 1 Dlanggu Kabupaten Mojokerto http://jurnal.stitradenwijaya.ac.id/index.php/tdb/article/view/149 <p style="text-align: justify;">TQM should be applied to every Islamic education unit in order to encourage the quality of excellent service to stakeholders. Because, in today's sharp world of global competition, many people talk about "quality" especially related to jobs that produce products or services.&nbsp; A result is made because there are those who need it, and those needs develop along with the quality demands of the users. Recognizing this task, SMPN 1 Dlanggu, which has achieved many achievements in various fields both academically and non-academically, continues to improve services for students by completing various learning facilities, qualified human resources (teachers and employees), and coordinating/collaborating with related institutions. In its implementation, TQM has an influence. Among them, student achievement is increasing. Not only in academics, but also non-academics, the enthusiasm of the community to send their children to SMPN 1 Dlanggu is increasing. There is a good relationship / cooperation between all residents of Dlanggu Middle School 1, both internally and externally to jointly improve school quality</p> Syu'aib Nawawi Copyright (c) 2019 Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam 2019-05-15 2019-05-15 8 1 51 58 10.32616/tdb.v8.1.149.51-58 Manajement Mutu Pendidik dan Tenaga Kependidikan di SMPN 1 Dlanggu Kabupaten Mojokerto http://jurnal.stitradenwijaya.ac.id/index.php/tdb/article/view/150 <p style="text-align: justify;">The product of the teacher as a human resource is the achievement of the students and graduates of a school. These graduates must be able to compete in the world of academics and the world of work which is nothing but focusing on quality. This illustrates human resources as an important factor for success educational institutions. For this reason, the HR needs to be managed as well as possible so that it can truly be utilized for the benefit of the institution Quality Management of Educators and Education Personnel at Dlanggu 1 Public Middle School can already be said to be good with indicators of teacher achievement towards qualifications listed in the national education standard. But not enough, management functions continue to be pursued and optimized to achieve better quality or above the standard</p> Ahmad Mustofa Jalalluddin Al-Mahali Copyright (c) 2019 Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam 2019-05-15 2019-05-15 8 1 59 66 10.32616/tdb.v8.1.150.59-66 Metode Filsafat Keagamaan Islam http://jurnal.stitradenwijaya.ac.id/index.php/tdb/article/view/151 <p style="text-align: justify;">This paper is a philosophical research that discusses the meaning of religion and its relevance in supporting religious plurality in Indonesia. The meaning of the religion was analyzed based on the thoughts of several philosophers. philosophy related to religious beliefs and traditions will only be appropriate and in line if a follower of religion always demands himself to try to understand and live rationally all teachings, doctrines, faith and religious beliefs. Thus, philosophy is no longer seen as an enemy of religion.&nbsp; The understanding of the adherents of the religion is based on the truth of the religion he believes in. The truth that is used as a benchmark for the scavengers is based on understanding certain religions. Meanwhile, the religious substance is universal. The truth contained in each religion is actually the same / one. Understanding the relativity of religion as a certain form and at the same time having substantive elements is expected to be able to build an open understanding of religion and constructive inter-religious interaction. For religious philosophy is born and there are several approaches and methods in learning it. Philosophy of religion is the philosophy of religion itself, which is thinking about the basics of religion according to free logic. With this approach and method it can provide a clear concept in philosophizing</p> Anwar Sholihin Copyright (c) 2019 Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam 2019-05-15 2019-05-15 8 1 67 74 10.32616/tdb.v8.1.151.67-74 Pengembangan Sumber Daya Pendidik http://jurnal.stitradenwijaya.ac.id/index.php/tdb/article/view/97 <p style="text-align: justify;">Educators in the education process play a strategic role, especially in efforts to shape the character of the nation through the development of personality and desired values. The urgency of educators in the learning process is illustrated in the Arabic expression that was delivered by A. Malik Fadjar, "Al-Tariqah ahammu min al-maddah walakinna al-mudarris ahammu min al-tariqah (methods are more important than material, but educators are more important than methods). The development of educator resources in education is influenced by various aspects, including: the need to increase educator competency both theoretical and practical knowledge, the independence of educators to carry out professional development, support resources to carry out professional development, the willingness of educators as learners, and the ability of educators to actualize results development of professionalism which is demonstrated through the performance of educators and the effectiveness of educators in carrying out their duties. Improvement and development of educator resources starts from the acceptance of new educators. Selection of prospective educators needs to be done strictly in accordance with the requirements and conditions that have been determined</p> Yenny Imroatul Mufidah Copyright (c) 2019 Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam 2019-05-15 2019-05-15 8 1 75 84 10.32616/tdb.v8.1.97.75-84 Sistematika Mushaf Al-Qur’an http://jurnal.stitradenwijaya.ac.id/index.php/tdb/article/view/152 <p style="text-align: justify;">The role of friends is very important in the writing of the Qur'an, especially the Khulafaur Rosyidin, from the Caliph Abu Bakr who collected the writing of the Qur'an on the proposal of Umar's friend, and during the Kholifah Uthman ibn Affan united the Mushaf into a single reference ie Ottoman manuscripts then multiplied and shipped to all corners of the world. The systematic laying of verses and letters is not in accordance with the cause of the decline of the verse. And we all know if the Qur'an is collected as a Mushaf, while the above factors are still lingering, then the Manuscripts that have been collected are clearly going to change and deviate. The role of friends is very important in the writing of the Qur'an, especially the Khulafaur Rosyidin, from the Caliph Abu Bakr who collected the writing of the Qur'an on the proposal of Umar's friend, and during the Kholifah Uthman ibn Affan united the Mushaf into a single reference ie Ottoman manuscripts then multiplied and shipped to all corners of the world</p> Ismail Ismail Copyright (c) 2019 Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam 2019-05-15 2019-05-15 8 1 85 94 10.32616/tdb.v8.1.152.85-94 Assesmen Kebutuhan dan Perencanaan Kualitas Kelulusan Siswa-siswi MA. As-Syafi’iyah Mojokerto http://jurnal.stitradenwijaya.ac.id/index.php/tdb/article/view/154 <p style="text-align: justify;">Schools assume greater responsibility for preparing students for college, career, and life. accountability is more than just a series of narrow testing and reporting for narrow competency levels. Learning interest in learning and the need to learn how education is increasingly committed to creating learning-centered environments where institutions work actively to help students learn, and assessment of student learning is very important to understand and measure the success of these efforts. The quality of student graduation at MA As-Shafi'iyah. 1) In assessing educational needs to achieve quality education, there are three components, namely students, parents and community members, educators and components involved in the educational process. Besides learning planning also needs to be considered because planning will affect the quality of graduates. 2) Assessment and evaluation are a serious and integral part of the teaching process, which affects not only students, but teachers, the community, and the entire educational environment. 3) one being hypothesized is that informal assessment methods are often used rather than provide more controlled arrangements. Depending on how they are used, the format for informal and formal assessments can include teacher observation of students, oral questions, journal entries, portfolio entries, exit cards, skills inventory, homework assignments, project products, student opinions, interest surveys, referenced criteria , or norm-based tests</p> Mohammad Badru Tamam Copyright (c) 2019 Ta'dibia: Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Agama Islam 2019-05-16 2019-05-16 8 1 95 100 10.32616/tdb.v8.1.154.95-100