Vol. 3 No. 2 (2019)

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In the publication of Volume 3 Number 2 August 2019 we published several scientific papers. Articles that start from the problem: Enhancing Creativity and Innovation in the hypothetical learning trajectory of Islamic education in the industrial era 4.0; The Relevance and Challenges of Building Critical Thought and Problem Solving Islamic Education in Developing Information Literacy and Global Awareness in the 21st Century; Improving the Ability to Understand Drama Stories and Texts About the Use of Rupiah Fractions and Size Fractions by the Sociodrama Learning Method in Class III SDN Kepuh Klagen Wringinom Gresik; Improving Teacher Pedagogical Competence in Multi-Source-Based Learning through the IODE Learning Model in MI Nurul Huda 2 Surodinawan Praututkulon Mojokerto City; Train Creative Thinking Skills through project-based learning in preparing the Workforce to face global competition; The concept of global discourse 'lifelong learning' facts and role perceptions to be played in the 21st century in two western and Islamic perspectives

Published: 2019-10-31