Pengaruh continuous improvement terhadap change of culture dan upside-down-organization Himpunan Pedagang Alun-alun Mojokerto (HIPAM) pada area PKL benteng Pancasila Kota Mojokerto

  • Eny Nuraeni
Keywords: continuous improvement, change of culture, upside-down-organization


The social system can exist only because human behavior is not random, but to some extent predictable. The concept of continuous improvement applies in the context of stand-alone companies where continuous improvement is about changing the behavior of individuals, groups and companies to produce an environment where participation in innovation and learning is the norm. Real cultural change is needed to sustain sustainable improvement initiatives. The purpose of this study are: 1) Describe the effect of continuous improvement on change of culture in the area of ​​PKL Benteng Pancasila Mojokerto City. 2) Describe the effect of continuous improvement on upside-down-organization in PKL area of ​​Benteng Pancasila in Mojokerto City. This research uses quantitative description analysis approach with explanatory research research. The sample used was 191 respondents with census model. Methods of data collection using Questionnaire and Observation. Simple correlation and regression analysis techniques used with SPSS for Windows Version 20. From the analysis can be summarized as follows: 1) continuous improvement bepengaruh on change of culture. 2) continuous improvement affects the upside-down-organization


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