The Effectiveness of Webbing Strategy to Improve Reading Comprehension of college student at Mayjen Sungkono University

  • Yunita Dwi Wikandari
Keywords: Webbing Strategy, Reading Comprehension


The study deals with the improving reading comprehension through webbing strategy of college student at Mayjen Sungkono University. Specifically, the study is aimed into (1) How is the effect of the webbing strategy to improve reading comprehension. The study is a quantitative research. The subjects of the study are first semester of college student at Mayjen Sungkono University. The data of the study are taken in the forms evaluation of the students’ reading comprehension scores of the experimental group and control group. The scores are obtained from the pre-test and the post-test. The appropriate procedure of data collection in application of webbing strategy in teaching reading comprehension encompassed the following steps: (1) tryout, (2) validity, (3) reliability, (4) find out the level of difficulty, (5) find out the discrimination power based on the text. Based on the analysis, the study shows that the effect to improve reading comprehension through webbing strategy is significant. Moreover, on the calculation of the t-test, the results show that there is a significant improvement in the student’ achievement after they got tread using webbing strategy when studying reading comprehension in the classroom. The t-test indicates that score of the t-value is higher than t table (2.207 > 2.042). Here, the experimental group represents a better improvement after they received the treatment.


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