The “great man” Theory dalam Perspektif Islam: Kontribusi Kepemimpinan Islam untuk Memberdayakan Collective Leadership di Pondok Pesantren Riyadlul Jannah Mojokerto


  • Joko Wiyono



The great man, Islam, leadership, collective leadership


Islam provides a reality-based understanding of leadership in organizations (Jamaah) and society (muamalah). The purpose of this research is to analyze the contribution of Islamic leadership to empower collective leadership through leader-driven enterprises in Riyadlul Jannah Mojokerto Islamic Boarding School. This research uses a qualitative analytic descriptive approach. Data collection was done by using documentation study technique. Data analysis using qualitative analysis approaches and techniques. The results of the research can be concluded as follows: 1) In the history of Islam, the term "Imam" refers to anyone who moves in front of and is followed, whether in prayer, jihad, Hajj or in any form of political and social participation, and has the right to do so or not. . Imam is equivalent to ruler, followed by, leader, and head of "Wilayah" and "Wali" (governor general) taken from the same root word, meaning ruler, amir, and governor. "Emirate" (possession of command) also means the rulers, rules and governments that have changed life and the way of living it in the future, namely the spiritual value of faith. 2) The Islamic leadership model cannot be separated from the participatory/consultative (autocratic-shura) style if you want to follow the spirit and essence of Islam. The concepts of Ijtihad and Shura (musyawarah, dialog) are expressions of a dialogical consultative model such as (Qs. Asy Syuura [42]: 38) which emphasizes the importance of this approach to engaging with differences with a deliberative framework by demanding that believers obey their leaders. (Surah An Nisaa '[4]: 59) with a prophetic-caliphal model of leadership. this style includes personalism, individualism, lack of institutions, and the importance of "great man"


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