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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2020)
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In the publication of Volume 4 Number 1 September 2020, we published nine scientific papers. Published articles start from the analysis of motivational factors and their influence on academic achievement with the mediating variables of student attitudes towards learning at the University of Mayjen Sungkono Mojokerto; Fiscal policy and monetary policy on the productivity of MSME players through the mediating variable for the success of handling Covid-19 (Study on UKM Players in Mojokerto City); entrevior au travers, a psychological reactance management agent for handling the impact of Covid-19 from a sharia economic perspective; The influence of work discipline and organizational commitment on employee performance with leadership style as an intervening variable at PT. Rijan Dinamis Selaras (RDS) Pacet Mojokerto

Published: 2020-10-07


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